Standing Still



Sometimes in life, you find yourself at a standstill because you have no idea, which path to choose. It may seem that you’ve done everything in your power to select the path that is most in line with what God has set for your destiny, but you still don’t know.

That’s exactly where I am in life.

I mean I have worked hard to put myself in a position to be successful. However, right now it just seems that I am lost. I’m confused and I have no idea what’s the next big step for me.

There are times when I think I’ve figured out exactly what God wants me to do and then something happens and I’m confused all over again.

This has happened to me several times within this year following my college graduation.

I thought once I earn my first degree I will be on my way to being the successful woman I’ve always dreamt of being. I thought my path to success would be drawn out for me and the directions would be simple to follow. Boy was I wrong. Since receiving my Bachelor’s degree life has become even more complicated. I’ve realized that having a degree puts me in a better position with more opportunities, but that it’s just as important for me to have experience as well. I’m also discovering careers that I had no idea even existed.

It seems that my options are infinite and me being the slightly indecisive person I am, I just can’t figure out which path is for me.

While so many of my close friends and family members are out in the world doing some awesome things I feel stuck. I feel as if I don’t know what’s next. Now this time last year I was freaking out about what my next move would be. I was stressed because I really didn’t have a plan for my life anymore because what I thought the plan was going to be didn’t turn out exactly how I visualized it in my mind. In retrospect, it seems like I was fabricating elaborate plans just so that I wouldn’t disappoint the people I love.

I was terrified to admit that I was not sure which direction my life was headed.

Now a little over a year later I’m in a similar place. I don’t know what’s next, I don’t know what my next move is and I’m not completely sure what my purpose is. I no longer have a detailed 5 or 10 year plan written out that I must follow or else I’ll feel like a failure.

Right now, today I’m more confused about my future career than I’ve ever been. But, I’m at peace about it.

When people ask my friends and I what our plans are I am now able to say “I don’t know”, even though some people look at me crazy like how do you not know…? Inside I feel relieved not having to feed them some false elaborate plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I have goals for my life, but my focus has shifted. I’m not just concerned about having a prestigious career, a lot of money, and notoriety. At 22, I’m focused on learning true discipline, exuding integrity, developing character, spreading genuine love and having a healthy spiritual outlook on life.

The milestones I’ve been reaching for lately are more abstract. My growth as a human being and Child of God are of the utmost importance to me.

There are some days I feel like I’m not doing anything, but then I realize that I feel this way only when I am comparing my life to someone else’s journey. That’s when I have to remind myself that everyone has their own journey.

I’m standing still right now because there are some lessons I have to learn in this phase of  my life. Reaching my fullest potential right now will help navigate me to where I need to be on down the line.

Standing still is not bad!

Use that still time to grow, learn, and experience life like you never have before.

Find peace and rest.





How to Develop Confidence

Here, are some tips that can be used to develop your confidence.

  1. Spend quality time talking to God and meditating on His Word. Meditating is setting aside quiet time for you to listen to God by spending time studying His instructions, which have already been provided for us (Bible verses). It is important to pray (talk to God), but it is just as important to meditate (listen to God).
  2. Stop fearing rejection and failure.Use failure as a learning tool. Don’t take your downfalls too personal they are meant to make you stronger and wiser.
  3. Realize that everyone’s opinion does not matter. There is no way you can perfectly please everyone (get that through your head NOW). Also, STOP comparing your life to someone else’s.
  4. Life is meant for you to live and take chances. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box or spread your wings and jump.
  5. Be more selective about what you feed your spirit. This includes what you watch, read, listen to and even the people you spend a lot of time with. How you spend your time has a huge impact on your life as a whole. Choose wisely!
  6. Write out some positive affirmations on stickies and in your journal. Leave your journal near where you sleep and every night before going to sleep read them aloud. It’s important that you say them not just read them silently. Speaking these positive, faith-filled words will help manifest them. As a result of your faith, your confidence will inevitably flourish.
  7. Doubt your doubt. When negative thoughts try to question your God-given abilities question them.

    Doubt: You know you’re not the best writer, right? Why would you start a blog? No one will read it, so you’re just waiting your time.                                                                 You: What if I am a good writer? What if I can only get better by writing more? What if God put this blog on my heart to start? What if someone reads my blog posts and at least one post helps them?

  8. Love yourself flaws and all, God does.

Moving My Blog to WordPress


As you can see I’ve decided to move my blog from Weebly to WordPress. Right now I am in the process of figuring out how I can actually move all of the blogs from my Weebly blog to this one. I’m probably going to end up just adding the old blogs as PDF documents.

Anyway, there were a few reasons that led me to move my blog. One, WordPress just feels more professional to me and it seems to offer move for my type of blog. Two, my readers can follow my blog if they are on WordPress or even subscribe to my blog using their email address. This is probably the number one reason why I switched. I love that my readers can get email notifications once I upload a new post.

If you are reading this, I want you to know that I will be doing two random giveaways for the month of June. More details will be coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to my blog using your email address so you will not miss anything.

I’m so excited about this new blog!