Where’s My Blessing?

I can relate so much to this post.


Recently, I took a brief vacation from social media. As soon as I logged back on, I saw so many posts about graduations, weddings, pregnancies & babies, promotions, new cars & houses and smiling faces everywhere. Everyone has it going on these days! While it gives me great joy to see my friends and associates so happy and blessed, it can also be a bit depressing. Now I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves or our situations to other people’s, but social media gives us a huge platform to do just that. It’s so hard not to compare when the only things people post about are good things. We will post about our big promotion, but won’t tell you about how we struggled to find a job. We are quick to post our new bundle of joy when they’re not even an hour old yet, but we won’t…

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Take Chances

Fear will leave you paralyzed.

It will have you stuck.

Perfection should never be the goal because it prevents one from taking chances.

Progression inevitably results in growth.

Failure after failure after failure ends in success when purposeful chances are taken.

Always let God led you and never be afraid to jump.

Cheers to taking Chances!