I kicked fear’s butt this month.

I stepped out and allowed myself to experience new things.

Some didn’t go as well as planned, but most went even better than I planned.

I met so many wonderful women!!!!!

I am excited about next month.

My business is growing, my waist is shrinking, I am becoming healthier every day and I am helping people.

Just imagine where I will be 3 months from now, a year from now, 5 years from now!

October 2016 taught me that successful people learn to enjoy the process of becoming publicly successful.

**Everything that you need to be successful is already in you. It just needs to be developed, fine tuned and polished. Just give it time. Be patient!!!


You definitely don’t want popcorn successful, which happens fast and disappears even faster.

Cheers to getting healthy and living happy,

Imani Shavon