Protect Your Dreams

Today, I’ve vowed to STOP sharing my dreams and goals with people. Everyone will not and cannot understand my journey and it’s not for them to understand. Sometimes when I share my dreams with people who are “realist” they attempt to offer me what they deem to be “good advice”, when in actuality it’s just useless advice that does not apply to the path that has been paved for me.

Sure the advice they offer may have worked for them and maybe even a few others, but that does not mean the advice applies to me. My story is different! I am different. And that’s perfectly okay. I am comfortable being ME!

So, don’t take it personal if you ask me what’s next for my life and I reply with, “I really don’t care to share that with you just yet”, I honestly do not mean any harm. I am simply being a lot more selective with whom I share my most intimate possessions with. Please do not take it personal. I am just being more protective of my babies (my dreams).

Sorry, I’m not sorry!

I’m just focused on making ALL my dreams come true!