My Gratitude Journal



2016 is really almost over. Where did the year go? I have had some new experiences this year, but I want to experience more in the coming year.

Beginning today, December 1st, I have decided to add something new to my bedtime routine, which is to just keep a written record of five things I am grateful for in that moment.

Every night before I go to sleep I will write in the journal by my bed five different things I am grateful for. The depth of my details concerning what I’m grateful for may vary depending on my mood.

So, the idea behind this new ritual is to set aside a specific time everyday to quietly reflect on the days events and my current position in life to just focus on the good in my life.

Sometimes life can get so frustrating that it is easy to overlook all the positive things happening in my life.

I want to show God appreciation for every blessing in my life and I want to constantly remind myself of all my blessings.

With Love,





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