2017: Year of ME

So, at the end of 2016 I decided to pull back from social media and it has helped me become much more focused on my daily tasks. However, I want to go even deeper and spend even less time aimlessly surfing the web and scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

I have cut back on the amount of television I watch, but cancelling my HBO NOW, Netflix and HULU subscriptions. Instead I am filling my time with podcasts that uplift and educate me, as well as using more of my time reading different kinds of books especially memoirs and books that add value to my life.

2017 is the Year of ME

I am going to make choices that benefit me.

I am tired of feeling like I have to explain myself to people all the time.

I am tired of caring so much what others think about me.

I am tired of trying to convince people to agree with my reasonings.

I am tired of allowing people to make me feel less than.

I am just tired of not being free to be ME. 

2017 is all about me becoming the best Imani I can be.

This will probably mean:

  • I am taking a lot more time for myself and to commune with God.
  • My phone will be on DND more often.
  • My time is considered even more of a commodity, therefore no one and I mean NO ONE will be allowed to waste it.
  • Negative folks must go! (You will be blocked)
  • I am so focused on myself that I will not discuss the lives of others, unless we are discussing ways to help them or how amazing they are doing.
  • I am loving more people from a distance.
  • I will be using the word NO a lot more often than I have in the past.

P.S. I am stating all of this in LOVE!

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