STOP Sharing Your Dreams With People

Sometimes we are so excited about our dreams that we want to share them with everyone, especially those close to us. It’s natural for us to do this, but you have to protect your dreams like your life depends on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying NEVER tell ANYONE about your dreams. I am simply saying be EXTREMELY selective with who you share your DREAMS with.

Over the years I’ve realized that there will ALWAYS be some NEGATIVE Nancies. ALWAYS!

Some Negative Nancies will disguise themselves in the name of realism.

Some Negative Nancies might be upfront about their hateration.

Some Negative Nancies may have given up on their dreams a longtime ago and want you to do the same so that they don’t feel so bad about given up on their own dreams.

I said all that to say this…..

People will try to convince you that your DREAMS aren’t achievable for so many different reasons. Instead of wasting valuable time defending your DREAMS, use that time to work toward making your dreams your reality.

By then it will be too late for those Negative Nancies to convince you that your DREAMS can’t come true.

Everyone isn’t courageous enough to dream, but don’t allow them to stop you from dreaming too.

Protect your dreams, Protect your future, Protect your destiny!








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