The Late Eight: 8 Things I am Leaving in 2017



Every year I write out goals, cut out pictures to make a vision board and set all these unrealistic goals for myself.

Almost every year ends without me accomplishing the list of 1,000 goals I wrote down without realistic action plans. So for 2018, I decided to change it up a bit.

For one, I do not have a scroll long list of goals to accomplish in 365 days. Instead, I decided to reflect on the actions that prevented me from accomplishing my goals in the past.

So, here is a short list of things I will leave in 2017 aka the PAST:

  1. Procrastinating
  2. Failing to properly plan
  3. Being organized
  4. Managing my time well
  5. Managing my money well
  6. Making excuses instead of adjustments
  7. Being insecure
  8. Not taking the time to enjoy the present

A closer look at the Late 8

1. Procrastinating

I’ve had a lifelong battle of putting things off until later and to be honest it is my Achille’s heel. Of course, it is something that can be so subtle, but my focus this year is once and for all conquer it. I’m sure it will be a lifelong journey, but I want to overcome it a lot more than it overtakes me.

Action Plan:

  • Before bed, I will write out a To-Do list to both free my mind and have a headstart on the things that need to be done for the following day.
  • In the morning, I will review my To-Do list from the night before and get started on checking things off.
  • Whenever I am given a creative idea, I will get right on writing it down and I will not wait for a “perfect” time and plan to make it happen

2. Failing to properly plan

Sometimes my big heart and my big mouth get me into big trouble because I stretch myself too thin. I’m so busy telling so many people,


“Well, of course”

…blah blah blah that I end up volunteering my services at 3 different events all scheduled for the same day and time.

I’m learning more and more that my life was so much easier when I actually used a planner to schedule events, that way I don’t have to create a clone or two of myself to fulfill all of my “big mouthed” obligations.

Action Plan: 

  • Using Sunday afternoons to plan out my week, using my planners and cellphone calendar.
  • Plan out my exercise days, meals and times to work on my business.

3. Being organized

Since being forced out of our house due to the fire, things have been crazy! Over the last few months, I’ve accumulated so much stuff it is ridiculous. Organizing for me means first downsizing and then finding a specific place for EVERYTHING.

Organizing my clothes and shoes are my largest task, so I’ll start with them.

Action Plan: 

  • Sort through ALL of my clothes and shoes, donating the ones I don’t wear and storing the clothes that are out of season.
  • Deep cleaning and organizing my car.
  • Organizing my phone: deleting unnecessary pictures, texts, and phone numbers.

4. Managing my time well

Lately, I’ve found myself wasting so much of my day aimlessly scrolling through social media, not being as productive as I’d like to be. When I don’t assign specific timeslots to specific tasks, some of those tasks never get done and I “run out of time”.

I’m tired of not managing my time well enough to get things done that need to happen.

Action Plan:

  • I will assign daily tasks a specific timeslot.
  • Before I go to sleep, I will have an overview of my day written out in my planner highlighting tasks that take priority.

5. Managing my money well

After reflecting on the amount of money I’ve spent and saved in 2017, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to saving has to become a priority.

Action Plan: 

  • I will open a new savings account separate from my checkings account.
  • I will do a yearlong bi-weekly money challenge that I found on Pinterest.
  • Also, I’m completing a 31-day Money Challenge to save $500 for my new Savings account.

6. Making excuses instead of adjustments

For a good portion of my life, I’ve allowed excuses to prevent me from reaching my greatest potential. While some were legitimate excuses, they were excuses nonetheless. I’ve learned that excuses are just opportunities to push yourself and overcome obstacles.

Learning to make adjustments instead of excuses will take you so much further.

Action Plan:

  • Pushing myself to perform well in spite of obstacles.

7. Being insecure

For far too long I’ve struggled with a lack of confidence. I am not really sure why, but it has limited me from accomplishing so much. I’ve decided it is time to stop doubting who God created me to be. I am pushing myself to learn how to utilize my gifts and talents the way God intended.

Action Plan: 

  • I will spend more quality time STUDYING the Bible, which will include my reading 2 daily devotionals.
  • I will start doubting my doubt and not allow fear to keep me stagnant.

8. Not taking the time to enjoy the present

Recently, I’ve realized that there are times when I am so focused on reaching my final destination that I don’t take the time to enjoy where I am. As I’ve learned, that can be counterproductive to reaching your fullest potential. Life itself is a journey and so is becoming successful. There are lessons you should learn along the way to success so that you’ll be able to handle and sustain it in the long-run. If you’re so busy rushing through your journey, you’ll miss some valuable lessons that will help you run your course more smoothly and more effectively.

Action Plan:

  • I’ll set aside to reflect and journal about where I am.
  • I’ll journal about longterm and short-term goals and evaluate how I am progressing toward those individual goals.

Cheers to growth,

2018’s Motto: I am fearless + I am consistent!





3 thoughts on “The Late Eight: 8 Things I am Leaving in 2017

  1. A fantastic goal to tackle those things holding you back. May I suggest looking up Marie Kondo and perhaps reading one of her books regards to decluttering, tidying and organising. Some of her ideas are a little kooky but if you sift through that there are some real nuggets of wisdom that helped me greatly in getting my stuff down to just exactly the right amount and having possessions I truly love and Cherish thus making taking care of them more pleasurable and a lot easier! 🙂


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