Unplugged and Unbothered


Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people succeed and be happy, but I am T I R E D of seeing it on Facebook and Instagram. I’m completely fed up with seeing so many people experiencing alluring phases of life that I don’t feel I’m even close to experiencing myself. Let’s be crystal clear, I am in no way, shape or form a HATER, but I am overwhelmed. I feel like I am being overloaded with images from my peers of where I should be at this point in life.

Now I can’t point the blame solely at my peers because honestly, I know I’m overdue for a complete social media B R E A K. This break is tremendously needed because I have a strong desire to get reconnect with God and become more centered on His purpose for my life. Although, I feel like I am developing well, I still feel like I have a long way to go.

So, I’ve decided that I will be taking some time to UNPLUG from social media with the primary goal of getting closer to God. Social media has become such a huge distraction from my goals, but going into 2017 I want to put an end to that.

In order to sustain my sanity, I have to just take a break. The plan is to spend as much of my free time as possible becoming more intimate with God.

I need this break!

**Disclaimer: Please do not take it P E R S O N A L, if you do not hear from me for a little while. I just HAVE to eliminate some distractions from my life in order to make it to the next level God is taking me to. Know that this is something I need to do. If you don’t hear from me, please know that I still love you! There are no harsh feelings.**

My Gratitude Journal



2016 is really almost over. Where did the year go? I have had some new experiences this year, but I want to experience more in the coming year.

Beginning today, December 1st, I have decided to add something new to my bedtime routine, which is to just keep a written record of five things I am grateful for in that moment.

Every night before I go to sleep I will write in the journal by my bed five different things I am grateful for. The depth of my details concerning what I’m grateful for may vary depending on my mood.

So, the idea behind this new ritual is to set aside a specific time everyday to quietly reflect on the days events and my current position in life to just focus on the good in my life.

Sometimes life can get so frustrating that it is easy to overlook all the positive things happening in my life.

I want to show God appreciation for every blessing in my life and I want to constantly remind myself of all my blessings.

With Love,





Protect Your Dreams

Today, I’ve vowed to STOP sharing my dreams and goals with people. Everyone will not and cannot understand my journey and it’s not for them to understand. Sometimes when I share my dreams with people who are “realist” they attempt to offer me what they deem to be “good advice”, when in actuality it’s just useless advice that does not apply to the path that has been paved for me.

Sure the advice they offer may have worked for them and maybe even a few others, but that does not mean the advice applies to me. My story is different! I am different. And that’s perfectly okay. I am comfortable being ME!

So, don’t take it personal if you ask me what’s next for my life and I reply with, “I really don’t care to share that with you just yet”, I honestly do not mean any harm. I am simply being a lot more selective with whom I share my most intimate possessions with. Please do not take it personal. I am just being more protective of my babies (my dreams).

Sorry, I’m not sorry!

I’m just focused on making ALL my dreams come true!





I kicked fear’s butt this month.

I stepped out and allowed myself to experience new things.

Some didn’t go as well as planned, but most went even better than I planned.

I met so many wonderful women!!!!!

I am excited about next month.

My business is growing, my waist is shrinking, I am becoming healthier every day and I am helping people.

Just imagine where I will be 3 months from now, a year from now, 5 years from now!

October 2016 taught me that successful people learn to enjoy the process of becoming publicly successful.

**Everything that you need to be successful is already in you. It just needs to be developed, fine tuned and polished. Just give it time. Be patient!!!


You definitely don’t want popcorn successful, which happens fast and disappears even faster.

Cheers to getting healthy and living happy,

Imani Shavon



I’m Grateful

After speaking with some of my closest friends, I have come to the realization that I regret nothing. Everything that has taken place in my life has helped to shape the Imani I am today. I am so grateful for God keeping me safe, even in those seasons of disobedience and confusion. God keep me!

I am not afraid to test the waters as much and making mistakes as a result of taking risks is no longer the end of the world for me. The opinions or naysayer, family members and even “friends” don’t faze me as much.

Even as I sit here and write the blog post, all I keep hear is that I am so GRATEFUL. God spared me on so many occasions and has blessed me in so many ways. Whenever I am in the shower I just have this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for even being able to take a hot shower in clean water.

Recently I have made some interesting decisions about my life and the direction I want to go in and I am just so very grateful for the genuine support I have received. The support warms my heart and fills my eyes with tears of joy.

My prayer is that one day I will be an inspiration to many.

I am grateful for….

every life experience I’ve had.

all the wonderful people I am connected to.

all the amazing places I’ve lived.

having attended and graduated from Thee Jackson State University.

having attended and graduated from Renaissance High School (Detroit,MI).

my mother.

my sisters.

my brother.

my father.

my late uncles.

all of my extended family members.

my decision to take some time off from school to just live a “regular” life.

my life.

God’s unconditional love.

Godly wisdom.

a strong sense of discernment.

spiritual growth.


If you feel like you are at a point in your life where you feel defeated take some quiet time to actually sit down and write out some of the things you are grateful for. Doing this helped me realize that although my life isn’t perfect there is still so much to be thankful for. Each day I am realizing more and more that I am so blessed.

Thank you, Jesus!





My Bucket List

So, this is just the first draft of things I want to experience before I leave this earth. Therefore I will constantly be updating this list and the plan is to also check some things off. 

  • Go to Essence Music Festival
  • Visit Toronto
  • Visit Jamacia
  • Go to Las Vegas with a group of my friends
  • Wine Tasting
  • Renting a cabin with friends
  • Lauryn Hill Concert
  • Spontaneous road trip
  • Living in New York
  • Reading every book I owe at least once
  • Visit Seattle, WA
  • Visit Washington D.C.
  • Visit LA 

Take Baby Steps

I’ve struggled with making substantial, permanent change because I tried to take on too much at once. Recently, I have learned that making small changes over a longer period of time will result in more permanent change. So this week I am going to implement 5 new habits.

  1. I will drink a minimum of 64oz of water every day (including the weekend days).
  2. I will read my Jesus Calling Enjoying Peace in His Presence devotional by Sarah Young in the morning and before bed.
  3. I will walk 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed.
  4. I will read at least 10 pages of a good book every day.
  5. I will stay within a $30 budget for lunch this week.

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My Detox Journey


There has been so much going on in my life. At this point, I just want to take a much-needed break from a lot of things that have been draining me. My goal in taking this break or detoxing is to gain clarity, focus, and discipline.

Work anywhere from 50 to 65 hours a week has begun to take a toll on my life and in some ways, I feel stuck. I feel like I’ve been more distracted and that’s not acceptable. My ultimate goals in life are to please God and receive God’s best for my life.

I will not settle for anything less than God’s best and for me to receive the best I need to make some sacrifices.

So for this detox, I plan on:

  • Not using any social media, besides using it to share updates about my business and/or my blog.
  • Taking a break from listening to secular music as a whole.
  • Limiting the amount of television I watch.
  • Reading the Bible and books that add value to my life only.
  • Not talking on the phone unless it is spiritually adding value to my life or the life of the other person and /or people on the other end of the line.
  • Distancing myself from spiritually draining people and situations.
  • Scheduling specific times to pray throughout the day.
  • Spending at least 15 quality minutes a day reading the Bible for understanding.
  • Using the You Version Bible application to find a Bible Plan to engage in.

I’m taking a step back to hear God’s voice more clearly and to strengthen my faith.  Feel free to join me, I will be starting this journey next Monday.

With love,




Where’s My Blessing?

I can relate so much to this post.


Recently, I took a brief vacation from social media. As soon as I logged back on, I saw so many posts about graduations, weddings, pregnancies & babies, promotions, new cars & houses and smiling faces everywhere. Everyone has it going on these days! While it gives me great joy to see my friends and associates so happy and blessed, it can also be a bit depressing. Now I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves or our situations to other people’s, but social media gives us a huge platform to do just that. It’s so hard not to compare when the only things people post about are good things. We will post about our big promotion, but won’t tell you about how we struggled to find a job. We are quick to post our new bundle of joy when they’re not even an hour old yet, but we won’t…

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